Project:  Giovanni Vaccarini

Chronology:  2006

Staff:  Flavia Benigni, Emanuele Ceresoni, Stefania Palanca

Location:  Catania

The urban square is the place par excellence; it’s a social condenser. It is designed  by the "vacuum" of the fabric of buildings and by the spaces that define it.

The area  identifies an hybrid area, probably more like a disuse area of the viability than  a relational space with a symbolic value in the collective memory. The area is part of the suburban ring of Catania presenting itself without an own characteristic and identity.
The project attempts to undermine the concept of square as a place to stop and reverse it, reinterpreting the "street" as the site of socialization.
The whole square was designed as the staging of walking between the main polarity currently present and the future ones. It is designed by the slippage of a series of plans that link the units of the square with Via Pisacane and the Technical Institute Cannizzaro.
The project recovers and enhances the existing tree essences by placing them as focal elements of a drawing of the square as a metaphor for a printed macro circuit.
Light is one of the "immaterial" materials that the design of this new space (hybrid, numerous) has on the work table; during the day with strong contrasts between the rust-red shadows floor and at night with a cutting system light defining the paths.
The figure of the landslide contains the double metaphor:
- the figurative one of the slip plans
- the symbolic one  of the crisis of a simple space delimited on a map and called square.