Project:  Giovanni Vaccarini

Chronology:   project: 2003/2004; realization: 2004/2005

Executing company:  Di Ferdinando costruzioni

Staff:  Laura Marini, Lucia Tomeo

Client:  Private

Location:  Giulianova (TE)

Capece_Venanzi House is a suburban dwelling situated in the sprawling city running along the Adriatic coast in an anonymous urban settlement between Ascoli and Pescara.
This apparently "intermediate" area "without quality" is a strip of land without buildings between the plains and hills.
The original idea was to construct a building with an orientation completely open to the hill considered a sort of green "sea".
The parti unfolds in section on three levels:
_ a full basement: an internal patio becomes an element around which to organise a series of spaces, creating a paly of views across underground spaces, a roof garden, the living areas of the home and the suspended volume of the first floor.
_ ground floor: the public part of the building where a large sliding glass door marks the border between the uncovered roof garden and the covered living area. The space revolves around a steel staircase leading up to the first floor.
_first floor: occupied by the bedrooms and private spaces of the building (bath /sauna, gym, studio).
The main idea of the composition plays with the metaphor of transposing a Tetris game piece at a macro-scale.
Two opposing volumes represent the two parts of the building and reveal the diversity of their functions through a twofold treatment of materials: a stone clad base and a white plaster volume.
Light is one of the primary materials of the project. A system of cuts into the walls and ceilings draws shadow and light into the interior of the first floor during the day, while the ground floor is flooded with light at all times.
At night, an LED lighting system defines a set of “backgrounds” that transform the ground floor glass façade into a luminous screen.