Project:  Giovanni Vaccarini with Danilo Romani, Sabrina Romani

Construction engeneer:  Lanfranco Liberatore

Chronology:    project 2004, realization 2006/2007 

Executing company:  EDILMACA

Staff:  Luigina D’Emilio, Sabrina Romani

Maquette:  Francesca Di Giannantonio

Client:  ASTRA Immobiliare

Location:  Giulianova (TE)

The multipurpose ASTRA building is located at the strategic intersection of Corso Nazario Sauro (east-west) and Via Orsini-Trieste (north-south), marked by the Piazza Martiri Fosse Ardeatine. The project site is located at the eastern edge of the square, and thus assumes the role of redefining its entire edge. The building stands at the north-east edge of the area, marking a boundary and completely freeing up the entire southern area of the site.
The design moves all of the vertical circulation to the “back” of the building (eastern elevation), leaving the south-west part completely free. Two of the three floors are designed as a unique entity (residences) that "floats" above a "transparent" plane (commercial floor).The building is structured on four levels: a basement occupied by mechanical and service spaces and garages; a commercial ground floor level; a first/second floor of east-west facing apartments.
The composition focuses on the design of the south-west facade where movable vertical panels alternate with etched glass panels. The movable panels consist of an anodised aluminium frame housing perforated ash wood panels.
The moveable panels are defined by the alternation of circular openings and the fixed panels by plates of frosted and enamelled acid green glass. Working in collaboration with Omnidecor the office designed a new texture (circoline®) that employs coloured and printed glass that is perforated and edge finished before being tempered and laminated.
Light plays a key role in the design of the project: during the day the glass elements change colour with the changing of light and shadow, while at night, backlit, they turn the building into an urban "lantern".
The east side is shielded with a metal "sail" made with panels of expanded metal. External spaces are finished in rectangular slabs of black porphyroid featuring inserts of backlit etched glass.