Project:  Giovanni Vaccarini 

Chronology:  2006

Staff:   Stefania Palanca, Francesca Pignatelli

Video:  Federico Novi

Location:  Perugia


The project of a communicative element in  Piazza Partigiani is a thing in which  communicating mix with the requests of the flows of distance and with the way to use the place. The space is designed by the flows of distance and the temporary permanence: the mechanized lifts from the underground parking, the exchange with the suburban bus station, the connection with the ascending travelator  to  Rocca Paolina, the parking city buses, the roof/ overlook of the post office.

The whole is compressed into a band of approximately 5, 30 X 47 mt. between the post office and via Fiorenzo di Lorenzo. The idea is to think  an "abusive"/unauthorized  intervention that tries (in a single gesture) to give "form" to the spaces of mileage and to “exchange" information while trying to cover, to perimeter, to light up.  Almost an "occasional" operation of transmission of information. 

The main compositional argument rotates around the metaphor of umbrella; the umbrella is the object to protect ourselves from storms, but also the temporary object, by  the provisional and mobile character. The umbrella’s figure becomes the semantic matrix of a "morphing" operation in which the design of spaces (defined by the flows they are crossed from) takes place for crasis and deformation of communicative umbrellas. 

The exchange of information is organized on two communicative levels: _1 the element with its strong plastic connotation becomes a first urban signal that marks the space locating it as "place" _2 the direct communication of information. – materials (structure, skin) 

Umbrellas are designed as structural independent systems, adaptable in function of the place in which they may be placed.

This flexibility is also given by the design and choice of materials such as the etfe membranes. The etfe membranes  are recyclable 100% and allow  to modify its transparency on the irradiation, with its scenic effects. These are also suitable membranes, allowing games of transparencies and light in the different moments of the day.

- technological – communicative equipment 

The main allocations are characterised by using non-invasive technological and computer innovative solutions, like virtual laser keyboard  system, which allows to project virtual keyboards on surfaces, connected to screens which  projection happens using leds  (reduction of the overall spaces of the equipment). 

- the light 

The use of  lighting systems, like  a "sundial", will scan the different stages of the day through a chromatic change of  lighting".