Sky Office


Project:  Giovanni Vaccarini (groupleader)

Chronology:  2006

Staff:  Flavia Benigni, Simone Utzieri


A generation has growm up with the eyes on the first rudimental videogames _ the tetris is the most elementary videogame and may be the most diffused in the world.


Young bricklayers try to lay five strange virtual “bricks”that fortuitously come in to the video; the composition is everytime “random”, the player looks for a (precarious) combination trying to optimize the caotic avilability of brick shape.


The idea is to transpose into real “figures”the pixel of the “tetris”_a set of components that come from the comics used to compose real “digital space”.

The videogame icones becoming components of a new sistem;

the five differet shapes manage to lay out all the office forniture (work station, partions, wall, ecc ).

The five components are different for shape, colours , texture and material;

their combination is a mainfold composition.

The composition forms a texture that organizes/colonizes the office space designing the different space of the office work : single space , collective space.

The space is organizzed in a flessible way according to different level of “saturation”and complexity.


The force of the system is in the iconografic charge of the components;

they renounce to use sofisticated materials, a low tech system bilt with the comon tecnologies of production.

Same parts are in glass or iron, others are like “tactile” plate made in tecnogel.

The “tactile plate” are designed by the electrical connections and supply, a kind of integrated circuit; the tactile experience discovers the possible uses of them.