Project:  Giovanni Vaccarini

Chronology:   2007

Staff:   Timothy Brownlee

Location:  Dubai UAE

This forty-two storey, 2,000 square meter residential tower was designed for the area of Jumeirah in Dubai.

The intent was to develop a building with an important dimension in plan, able to guarantee a diversity of views and outlooks from all living spaces in the towers.

This objective was achieved by designing narrow buildings with different orientations.
The parti consists of four buildings, each facing in different directions. The result is a metaphor of the “desert rose”.The "petals" of the "desert rose" are a sort of “sand” stone envelope with glass inserts and cuts that allow views.The reddish reflections of the external cladding resonate with the hues of the setting sun.
The basement levels are occupied by parking and primary mechanical equipment; the first three floors are home to a lobby and common areas, including a fitness centre, kindergarten, children’s play area, bar, beauty salon, etc.
The next thirty-nine floors are occupied by different residential units and common areas. Finally, the thirty-ninth to forty-second floors are home to a series of penthouse apartments.