Project:  Giovanni Vaccarini, Enzo Calbrese

Chronology:    project: 2008 

Staff:  Alice Cerigioni, Attilio Mauri, Francesca Di Giannantonio, Maria Josè Loffredo, Marco Zitti

Client:  Damac Properties

Location:  Dubai UAE

The "Bamboo Towers" project was designed for a site on the southwest coast of Dubai, on the west crescent of the Palm Jabel Alì. The site consists of three areas of approximately 5,000 square meters, for a total of some 15,000 square meters.
On the three contiguous areas, the master plan provides for the creation of three separate buildings united by a common base; the maximum height of the development is twenty storeys.
Rather than three separate buildings, the project proposes a group of nine buildings in a forest of “bamboo”. By fragmenting the covered surfaces, this solution produces tall slender buildings that offer views toward the sea or the water features inside the Palm Jabel Alì.
A series of concentric rings mark the volumes, producing different shadows throughout the course of the day; at night they become bright glowing circles floating in front of the surface of the towers.

The program consists of:

Level -1
car parking
Level -2
car parking
Basement Level
Ground floor
commercial centre
Common services: fitness centre, kindergarten, children's play area, bar, beauty salon, etc.
Level 1- 14
Level 15-18
penthouse units.