Project:  Giovanni Vaccarini (group leader), Proger spa

Chronology:  2008 

Staff:  Alice Cerigioni, Giampietro Di Pietro, Attilio Mauri, Francesca Di Giannantonio, Maria Josè Loffredo, Marco Zitti 

Consultants:  Remo Massacesi (plants), Ponticello Antonio (plants), Nicola Tavano (environmental sustainability)

Location:  Val di Sangro (CH)

This project begins with two guiding ideas: one at the level of settlement, the other in relation to architecture. The first notion was to implement a strategy of intervention structured by the elements of the landscape: the “gorges” (badlands) created by natural erosion resulting from runoff toward the Sangro River. From east to west the natural system of badlands defines three clear areas of intervention:
1) A "dirty" area that marks the point of maximum interaction between man and machine. This area is home to vehicular entrances, parking, public transport stops, taxi stands and controlled access points. This field also contains all activities requiring vehicular connections with off-campus facilities, from workshops to laboratories to spin-offs.
2) A "clean" area, where man interacts with nature: guesthouse, restaurant, nursery, etc. This area is a sort of protected ecosystem: to the west is the forest and to the east-southeast the natural vegetation of the badlands.
Interactions between man and nature are stimulated by the presence of a "solar park", filled with sculptures; the photovoltaic panels are designed as organic elements integrated with the landscape from which they take their form and lines.
3) Re-naturalisation area: the forest. The project proposes the total reforestation of the area. As well as representing a reserve of wood supplies, this action also defines the ecological strength of the entire intervention.
The project begins with the idea that the soil and buildings should dialogue with and inform one another. The ground plan is then used to model a complex system of roofs, an interface between interior and exterior and between the landscape and the built environment.