Project:   Giovanni Vaccarini 

Chronology:   project: 2006; realization: 2008 -2009 

Executing company:  Andrenacci & C.

Contest staff:  Attilio Mauri, Federico Novi, Stefania Palanca, Sabrina Romani

Executive Staff:  Timothy Brownlee, Francesca Di Giannantonio

Client:  Municipal administration of Giulianova

Location:  Giulianova (TE)

The cemetery is one of the places of the collective memory in which are kept the signs of the flow of events. Walking in these places we always take all  our labours to a miserable size  in comparison with the passage of time. The design of funerary elements is one of the most interesting architectural  issues; it deal   with the primary request of life and death: the memory, the silence.

The History of architecture hands us over magnificent models: the thought runs from the Egyptian Pyramids, to the Mausoleum of Augustus, or the glossy dissertation of Adolf Loos in which he comprised the funerary "tumulus" as one of the most important examples of pure architecture.

The competition - organized by the municipal administration of Giulianova - marks an important symbolic passage:

 _ to recover the memory of its own  history (a knowledge to send  also through the works, in addition to the historiography); 

_ to recover the cultural message that the two distinguished characters communicate us. 

The project tries to combine these two aspects, responding both to the monumental/commemorative application and to the cultural/learning society one.




the silence: 

the silence is the way through we approach to the death. The silence impose upon everything, as well as  a form of supreme respect, as the key to read  the area of the holy ground; silence of listening (that is a forgotten skill in the image era) silence of lives that tell us about our forgotten roots.

The project sets with an attitude of respectful silence clearing the level of complexity till the essential grade  of the form (the tomb, the pyramid). The two sarcophagi  are designed as two simple prismatic, slightly "warped" body,   forming striped surfaces.


the crystals: 

the figures of Primo Riccitelli and Vincenzo Cermignani represent two leading figures in the local and national and european panorama, they’re two sons of a bitter land for many ways; two extraordinary men,(in the sense of outside ordinary). Crystals born almost for case between the rocks. The form of the crystal is combined with that of the sarcophagi drawing two primary geometries that literally seem to check from the earth.



the death: 

the metaphor of the attack on the ground in glass, on which the two sarcophagi are as suspended, is that of the life  that seems light and sweet compared to the cumbersome death. 



The project embodies  the will written by Vincenzo Cermignani; on his sarcophagus are not shown any kind of symbols; on the west side, on the stone is engraved "neither God nor Masters", on the same side, we provide the anchorages of the two sculptures in white marble and bronze. 



the light is one of the materials (intangible) of the project: 

all the attack on the ground is marked by the presence of the glass (the lightness of life) in contrast to the richness of sarcophagi with red Persia travertine (the heaviness of death).

At night the same effect is searched, silently (with moderation and the respect due to the place of memory) with a led lesser light positioned at the edges of plates that produces a mellow grazing light. 



The printed glass  for the attack to land 

the red Persia travertine _ for the sarcophagus

steel inox _ for all of the anchorages, and, finishes of board