Project:  Giovanni Vaccarini

Chronology:   project: 2012; realization: 2013

Staff:  Veronica Grande; Trabucco Lorenzo

Client:   Ponzio Sud s.r.l.

Location:  Via Tortona 58, Milano


We always try to convert things
in signs for our intelligible
abstractions; ... "
Aldous Huxley

Surface, floor, leather, shell.
A recurring theme of composing architectural defining an inside from outside, bordering, giving a form.

The surface is an element of spatial definition but also an environmental component that identifies and characterizes the landscape. It is a plan on which one gives sense and meaning.

b.OX interprets the transmutation of the surface in a complex epidermis able to include and register functional and semantic instances through the acquisition of an own spatial valence. An own "thickness"
A thickness surface (an oxymoron)

In the project'' b.OX, the dominant element is the conformation of the surface, its depth in which the aluminum vibrates, deforms, and conforms plastically.
The wrapper undergoes a real manipulation and transfiguration adding to
the most obvious performance (energetic, environmental, structural, etc.) its ability to communicate as screen surface.

some keywords:
Texture, repetition, juxtaposition, layering, articulation, disarticulation, juxtaposition, vibration, color, texture.
Weaving as  a rhythm of signs, abstraction / extraction of meanings, figures, suggestions.

 weaving is the first act of composing ......