Via Valadier  new offices  in Rome occupy the top level of a building of the seventies.


The main topic of the collective parts of the building (hall  and distributions) is represented by the design of the surfaces of the shell :

a series of spatial elements draw a "surface thickness " that from time to time organize wooden ceilings, storage spaces and spaces for waiting and reception .

In the design of the inner shell the dominant element is the con- formation of the surface , its depth in which the material vibrates, deforms and plastically conforms  itself.


The casing undergoes a real operation of manipulation and transfiguration adding to evident performance ( containment , partition , lighting, etc. ) its communicative capacity as surface - screen


The surfaces of the worktop with fitted walls and false ceilings draw a single casing also containing all the technological equipment of the individual workspace : lighting , wiring, ventilation and air conditioning systems .