Head K3 Office Tower Riyad

Year: 2013

Year construction start: 2013

Year end work: 2013

Prevailing structure: Reinforced concrete

Client:  Proger spa

Status: Works realized


This is an intervention reconfiguration of an existing building: the building stands on Mother Street in Riyadh (KSA) and consists of about three thousand square meters above ground arranged on nine levels.

The project deals with reconfigure any attack on the ground and to draw all the interiors of office space for a total of about two hundred people.

The idea of the project revolves around two key concepts:

- identity

- flexibility

The identity passes through design elements that characterize the image of Italian society who start up, elements that characterize the series of locations in the world that we have followed and drawn over the years.

Flexibility is one of the main requirements of the contemporary office space; the project interprets this theme thinking the inner shell of the building, non-standard but designed ad hoc, as an open system: ceiling discrete (non-continuous), raised ground, wainscoting "technical".

The entrance hall is designed by a great cloud of wooden slats that configures the space and becomes lighting system / communication.