Loft "vertical"

Project Giovanni Vaccarini

Client Sincretica srl

Location Giulianova (TE)

The project involves renovation of a residential building in the nineteenth century. belonging to the historic fabric Giulianova Alta (TE) to be used as an office.
The idea is to think of space as a smooth succession of environments strongly separated from the architectural nature of the 'historic building.
To achieve the architectural idea of continuity is primarily the double height entry space that allows a perception continues between the ground floor and first floor thanks to the lightness of the scale.
The interior space is characterized by the double flight of stairs. It consists of a metal frame on which the treads are almost suspended wood, supported by a 'perforated metal cabinet. The handrail is a metal tube that draws a strong line from the ground up to the loft where it becomes parapet.
The other architectural element on which the project focuses is the threshold.
The entrance door metal and opaline glass set back from the street front, creating a niche drawn white on one side by a wooden panel that includes the telephone and the mailbox. The travertine floor outside the threshold extends over the entire surface of the ground floor, creating a material continuity between inside and outside.

The materials used are
- through the wood floor surfaces, fixtures and tables of some warm colors of the environment;
- 's stainless steel tube which draws the sharp edges of the handrail through the game, the table legs and meetings's main office.
- the glass through its transparency and opacity, and pour the light and shadows in the images fade.
- the travertine with its heavy material is only the floor of the ground floor.