Project:   Giovanni Vaccarini 

Construction engineer:  Pierantonio Cascioli

Executing company:  Pesic srl (building work), Faraone srl (structural glass) 

Staff:   Michele Lucatuorto, Alessandro Tucci 

Client:  Lavaal srl 

Location:  Mosciano S. Angelo (TE)

The design of this new office building for Lavaal was an opportunity to examine the role of a contemporary office. The way we work is changing, but even more significant is that these mutations are not transposed into the distant future, but belong to the present. The idea was to create an envelope able to accept numerous variations in internal use, perform and simultaneously define the “public” image of the Lavaal company.
Two materials were used for the façade system:
- Structural glass (which ensures the transparency of all public spaces in the building);
- Aluminium sunscreens (the external interface of all work spaces).
The shading system is interesting for at least two reasons:
1) its architectural composition creates a moving and constantly changing façade;
2) its performance guarantees optimum control of natural light, with consequent benefits in terms of energy savings throughout the building and the comfort of individual workspaces.
The aluminium blade system was selected after a careful evaluation of what the market offered:
_ Clean design, emphasized by the oxidized surface;
_ Intrinsic resistance of the building which allowed for the use of a horizontal system without concerns related to bending, vibration, etc.;
_ Control motors integrated within the structure of the blades (contributing to a clean and essential design);
_ Design of the blade which allows to obtain a perfect closing between the various elements
_ Minimal maintenance.
Fields of blades are electrically moved by an integrated control system (building automation) that interprets information from external sensors and interfaces with the uses of internal spaces.