We are an architecture and design lab.We are a family of creative minds.

Our projects are closely collaborative, bringing a fresh perspective, inspiring confidence and building commitment.
Since 1993 we have developed more than 450 design projects in 10 countries.
We have received 20 Awards and nominations.

Designing is an art of listening.

“Listening” to the city, the site, the environment in which we design, listening to the multiple instances of each project, listening to users / clients.

Designing is an art of transposition.

From listening to the project, or from the idea to the project, there is never a linear process but a complex set of interrelations that constantly informs the final result. The metamorphosis from the idea to the project requires wisdom and knowledge (know how).

We work daily to refine our sensitivity to listening, wisdom and knowledge, in order to be able to support our clients in making adequate choices and transforming ideas into architecture and a better environment for the whole community.

Everything is design

We combine wide-ranging expertise with a passion for creativity and a willingness to reaffirm the responsibility of our work for the environment and for future generations.