OICE, the Association of Engineering and Architecture companies-Confindustria, organized the first edition of the homonymous awards on 11 July and Sincretica srl ​​- Giovanni Vaccarini Architetti was awarded the first prize in the Energy sector with POWERBARN, a pole for the production of electricity from renewable sources. It’s a territorial regeneration project, in Ravenna, in which the entire agro-food chain (linked to the sugar production of the ex Eridania) has been transformed into an agro-energy chain.

“This award – as Giovanni Vaccarini states – emphasizes the possibility, indeed, the need, to invest in quality and in the protection of the landscape, a landscape in which architecture can, like design, be the vehicle of a Made in Italy that invests in the territory. The prize is a concrete opportunity to open a discussion table on a highly topical issue, which cannot be postponed to a historical moment in which Italy is questioning itself about major works and waste-to-energy plants”.

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